BM 19-Cuff XL (Blood Pressure Monitor Accessories)

৳ 1,679.00 ৳ 1,425.00

Beurer BM 19-Cuff XL (For Beurer Blood Pressure Monitor Devices) :

  • For 13-17 inch arm diameter
  • This cuff can only be used with the Beurer BM19 and BM35 blood pressure monitor versions.
  • good match for the circumference of your upper arm or wrist should be the cuff.
  • Make sure you sit and relax in comfortable  position for at least five minutes prior to the calculation.
  • Place about two fingers above the crook of the arm on the bottom edge of the cuff and wrap it around the arm so that the closure sits on the outside and the inflatable section sits on the inner arm, towards the chest.
  • You should still be able to fit a finger between your skin and the cuff when the cuff is closed.
  • NOTE: Does not include any blood pressure monitor. Only the Cuff is provided.


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