Enterogermina Oral Suspension (2 billion/5 ml)

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1 mini bottle contains: Main active element: 2 billion spores of polyantibiotic resistant Bacillus clausii* Excipient: Purified water

(*Polyantibiotic resistant means resistant to a certain number of antibiotics. It is an extremely important characteristic of Bacillus clausii spores that allows it to be administered during antibiotic treatment with penicillin, cephalosporins, tetracycline, macrolides, aminoglycosides, novabi-ocin, chloramphenicol, tiamphenicol, Lincomycin, isoniazid, cycloserin, rifampicin, Nalidixic acid and pipernidic acid)


Bacillus clausii spores is used for managing the alterations of the intestinal bacterial flora. Bacillus clausii spores restores the equilibrium of the intestinal flora changed during diarrhoea or in the course of thera-pies with antibiotics or chemo-therapy, contributing to correct the consequent dysvitaminosis (that is the imbalance of production and assimilation of the vitamins).

Therapeutic Class

Other antibiotic


Bacillus clausii spores is a probiotic which is useful for the management of imbalance of intestinal bacterial flora due to diverse causes.


Adults: from 2 to 3 mini bottles a day
Children: from 1 to 2 mini bottles a day
Infants: from 1 to 2 mini bottles a day

Do not exceed the instructed doses without the advice of the professional. Bacillus clausii spores is presented in the form of  an oral suspension in water and is available as 5 ml mini bottles. One pack contains 10 ready-to-drink mini bottles.


Take Bacillus clausii spores at regular intervals during the day. Consult the professional if the condition recurs or if you have noticed any recent change in the nature of problems. Use only for brief periods of Management.

It is necessary to shake the mini bottle before use. To open the mini bottle rotate the upper part and detach it. Take the content as such or dilute it in water or other drinks (for example; Milk, Tea, Orange juice). Once open, consume it within a short period to avoid contamination of the suspension.


Hypersensitivity towards the components or other closely related substances.

Side Effects

No side effects have been reported with the use of Bacillus clausii spores

Pregnancy & Lactation

Bacillus clausii spores can be used during pregnancy & lactation


During antibiotic therapy, the product should be administered in the interval between one dose of antibiotic and the next. Keep out of the reach of children. Contact your doctor if the condition worsen after 2-3 days of usage.

Storage Conditions

Store Store at temperature not higher than 30°C in cool and dry place


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