Oxygen Can O2 Vigor 12L (Nasal)

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Why to Use ‘Oxygen Can’ (O2 Vigor 12L Oxygen Can)

  1. It is great to Use when…
    There’s no shortage of options when it comes to when and where you should inhale a few deep breaths of Oxygen. Here are some of the best uses we’ve found for O+ oxygen in a can:
  2. It can be used After a Long Flight:
    With canned oxygen from Oxygen Plus, you can hit the ground running. Breathing O+ oxygen helps you instantly alleviate the common symptoms of jet lag and air travel by providing a pure boost of quality oxygen when you land. If your oxygen levels are depleted, a few deep breaths of Oxygen Plus can help you feel like you never left the ground!
  3. It can be used, When Spending Time in a Highly-Polluted Area:
    Whether you live in a big city or are taking a trip to a metropolis, you may want a canister of Oxygen on-hand to help diminish your exposure to polluted and stale air. With a boost of canned oxygen, you can combat the effects of air pollution, which can include fatigue, stress, anxiety…the list goes on.
  4. It can be used In the Morning, to give you a Jolt of Energy:
    For the people who want an alternative – or want to add an additional elevating experience – to a cup of coffee, have a few big hits of Oxygen Can. If your oxygen levels are depleted, breathing canned oxygen can restore your body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal, healthy levels, helping you feel more alert, alive…more like you again.
  5. It can be used, when Training or Exercising to Enhance Athletic Performance, Increase Endurance and Speed Up Recovery:
    Oxygen is key to optimal athletic performance, helping to improve your endurance and speed up your muscle recovery. Lack of oxygen at the cellular level is essentially why you start breathing heavily during an intense workout – your brain and body need more oxygen. So next time you’re working out, set your goals, and introduce Oxygen Can into your training program.
  6. It can be used For Emergency Purpose while waiting for Ambulance to arrive, while shifting to nearby Hospital or as a part of your First Aid Box etc.

So whenever your oxygen levels are depleted from Air Quality, Travel, Study, Elevation, and Sportier Recovery– take a deep breath of pure energy and recovery with Oxygen Can.

Product Specification:
O2 Vigor 12L (AR002) Oxygen Can (Nasal)

Product Name Portable Canned Oxygen
Brand 02 Vigor
Item Code AR002
Color Multicolor
Type Nasal
Included Components 1 Bottle
Size 65X350 mm
Weight 175g
Gas Volume & Water Capacity 12 liter & 930 cc
Duration (Estimated) 10-15 Minute with Normal Speed
Shape Bottle
Can Material Stannic
Number Of Items in Box 1
Manufacturer Linde Arooxy (Xi’an) Life Science Co. Ltd. (Joint Venture with Linde, Germany & Arooxy, China)
Country of Origin China

NB: Oxygen is a Prescription Medication, so don’t use without Physicians advice.
Canned Oxygen

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