Radisil Capsule 140 mg

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For the treatment of jaundice, chronic inflammatory liver conditions, i.e. hepatitis, alcoholic liver damage and hepatic cirrhosis. It has anti-oxidant property.

Therapeutic Class

Cholagogues, Cholelitholytics & Hepatic Protectors, Herbal and Nutraceuticals


Silymarin possess hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity. The hepatoprotective effect is due to stimulation of synthesis of structural and functional proteins and phospholipids, as well as acceleration of the regeneration of hepatocytes.

Antioxidant effect is determined by interaction of bioflavones with free radicals in the liver and its detoxication. In such manner the process of peroxidation of the lipids is interupted and further liver destruction is prevented.

Clinically, these effects are manifested by improvement of the signs and symptoms and normalization of the liver variables (serum level of transaminases, gamma-globulins, and bilirubin).

Dosage & Administration

70 mg or 140 mg or 500 mg capsule should be taken 3 times daily as per the instruction of a physician. The medication should be continued until the relief of the symptoms according to the advice of a physician.


Not known


No adequate data of investigations are available about the use of this drug in children. Therefore, it should be used in children under 12 years of age with caution under the direct supervision of a physician.

Side Effects

A mild laxative effect has occasionally been observed.

Pregnancy & Lactation

No experience is available about the use of Silymarin 70 mg or 140 mg during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, if needed Silymarin 70 mg or 140 mg should be taken with caution according to the physician’s advice.

Storage Conditions

To be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep the medicine out of reach of children.

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